About Legacy Media Preservation

Legacy Media Preservation (LMP) is a media preservation specialist, focusing on preventing the loss and degradation of valuable media artifacts through the digitization and restoration of content from a variety of video formats. Our commitment lies in ensuring that our shared media heritage is accessible and vibrant for future generations.

Our principles

We are committed to providing the highest quality restoration services, ensuring that the content is preserved with utmost accuracy and fidelity.

Expertise and Experience

Advanced Technology

Quality Restoration

We leverage cutting-edge technology to digitally convert and restore outdated video formats, ensuring the longevity and accessibility of the content.

With over six decades of experience in media preservation, our team of experts possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to handle even the most challenging restoration projects.

Tony Tedford

Tony Tedford, a seasoned expert in media preservation, brings a wealth of experience from his roles in leading animation studios such as Scholastic Media, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. His contributions to media restoration have consistently added substantial value to the field.

With an extensive career spanning more than three decades, Tony has amassed a wealth of technical knowledge. In his roles as Head of Post Production and Technical Director, he cultivated innovative problem-solving skills that have been instrumental in advancing media preservation.

Tony's proficiency in various formats and workflows has proved invaluable in the development and implementation of advanced restoration methodologies. His creativity and technical prowess ensures that every piece of preserved media retains its original essence while being enhanced for today's digital age.

His key accomplishments include pioneering the development and implementation of various advanced restoration tools and technologies. At Warner Bros, he was involved in significant projects which led to the renaissance of numerous classic animations, safeguarding them for future generations.

At Scholastic Media, Tony played a vital role in reviving treasured content, ensuring their accessibility for modern audiences. His strategic initiatives have led to more efficient workflows, maintaining the integrity of the original content while increasing its longevity and accessibility.

Tony's mission to preserve historical, cultural, and educational content is more than a profession, it's a calling. Every project he undertakes is handled with a deep understanding of its cultural significance and an unwavering commitment to preserving these priceless treasures against the ravages of time.

Bradford Keatts

Bradford Keatts brings a wealth of experience in media preservation, with a remarkable career spanning influential media conglomerates such as Warner Bros Animation and Hasbro Studios. His significant contributions to the field have continuously pushed the boundaries of media preservation.

At Warner Bros Animation, as the Director and Head of Technical Operations, Bradford was an early adopter of digital animation and non-linear editing. He played a crucial role in creating the 24p format, a groundbreaking development in the media industry. Additionally, he was part of the pioneering team that implemented one of the first 3D look-up tables (3D LUT) during the critical analog-to-digital transition, enabling smoother transfers from film to digital assets for disaster recovery and broadcast. His foresight and technical proficiency led to the establishment of one of the largest digital animation libraries in history.

As the Executive Director and Head of Technical Operations at Hasbro Studios, Bradford implemented an in-house worldwide distribution service, streamlining operations and generating substantial annual savings.

Throughout his journey, Bradford's expertise grew through collaborations, such as working with Steve Oedekerk at Omation, which provided him with a unique understanding to tackle diverse challenges in media preservation.

Starting with a solid grounding in audio engineering at Sound Castle Recording Studios, Bradford's understanding of the media landscape remains informed to this day.

At Legacy Media Preservation, Bradford Keatts is deeply committed to preserving our shared media heritage. His dedication and meticulous care towards each project ensure that our media legacy is preserved, accessible, and ready to inspire future generations." is clear and concise, conveying the message effectively. It highlights Bradford Keatts' commitment to the mission of Legacy Media Preservation and his dedication to preserving media heritage.

Bradford Keatts and Tony Tedford bring a combined experience of over six decades in the field of media preservation. Both have held key roles in leading media conglomerates and animation studios, such as Warner Bros, Hasbro, Scholastic Media, and Cartoon Network.

Bradford, with his strategic approach and technical expertise, played a vital role in building one of the largest digital animation libraries in history. His contributions to non-linear editing, digital animation adoption, and disaster recovery innovations have left a significant impact on the media preservation industry.

Tony, on the other hand, has been instrumental in developing advanced restoration methodologies. His technical proficiency and innovative problem-solving skills have led to the revival of numerous classic animations and a renaissance in media restoration.

Together, Bradford and Tony share a mission that extends beyond professional duties - a mission to preserve our shared media heritage. Each project they undertake is driven by a profound understanding of its cultural significance and an unwavering commitment to prevent priceless cultural treasures from succumbing to the ravages of time. Their dedication to media preservation ensures that future generations can continue to appreciate and learn from these valuable pieces of history.

Bradford Keatts and Tony Tedford